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Yes, Nicholas, There are FCC Reporters
Friday, 03 December 2010 00:51
Nicholas Lemann, Dean of the Columbia Journalism School, asked me if there still were any reporters focused on the FCC because he couldn't think of any outside the trade press. In fact, Cecilia Kang of the Washington Post, Amy Schatz of the Wall Street Journal, Joelle Tessler of AP, Roger Cheng of Dow Jones, Todd Shields of Bloomberg, and Jasmin Melvin of Reuters spend most of their time covering the FCC and related issues. Michael Copps had just spoken. I asked a question about the far too frequent 'he said, she said" articles from D.C. and whether reporters should do the legwork to determine which of the contradictory advocates was lying. So I thought to highlight some of the best work coming from the D.C. reporters. I hope they point me to articles they were proud of, especially those that involved reporting beyond the predictable comments of DC officials and lobbyists, which I'll add below.
For example:
Todd Shields AT&T Gains FCC's Ear as Regulators Near Decision on Net Neutrality Rules reported AT&T uber-lobbyist Jim Cicconi called on FCC chief of staff Eddie Lazarus six times in three weeks as Lazarus was drafting the Net Neutrality rules. His report of AT&T and similar lobbying practices I believe was reflected in subsequent news reports and Wall Street analysis suggesting the rules favored AT&T over consumers.