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Ads That Work Burma Shave
Wednesday, 19 November 2008 06:45

Ads That Work For Tech Products

People who buy DSL gear, GPON chips, line test equipment, and other tech products want the facts. Many are engineers, others think with an engineer's discipline. Everyone knows where they hang. They are on the Internet as part of their job, which is the first place they go for information.

*** Our Burma Shave ads allow your different sales points to stand out, like this one

     There's never enough room for all your information. That's fine for an "image ad," but when you have a specific product to sell you need more than just a slogan. How does your product serve your customer? Why is it better than the competition? What's new and changed?

*** They grab the attention and stand out from the crowded web advertising field. They can be up to 40 words.

     15,000 people in the industry get every issue of DSL Prime. Many have subscribed since the beginning, 10 years ago. The news is presented with verve and original style. Behind the stories is the research and technical detail that a CTO is looking for.  The crucial industry news is covered in depth.

*** As they read, your product information comes at them where they can't miss it.

     Our subscriber contains a remarkable percentage of the senior people at almost every company in the industry. We never share the list electronically, but will show you a printout of the subscribers at key customers and prospects. The buyers are here, as are the people who influence them. Nearly all the industry analysts are regular readers. So are many of the key tech journalists. An added bonus is that the wall street analysts covering the company are often subscribers as well. Your CEO and CFO will be glad you're spreading the word.

*** The old Burma Shave ads were billboards on the highway. You saw each one as you drove, making an impression each time.

    We'll make it easy, helping you refine copy that works from your key product points. DSL Prime sponsorships also include web ads that can be specifically targeted to categories of Assia saves money and improves performance. Do you want to reach people interested in chips? They read the chip news at DSL Prime, and your banner or text can be alongside.

*** This isn't the same old advertising. This will be remembered.

    Email the publisher, Dave Burstein, and we'll find a way to meet your needs.